Stella by Stella | Album Review

WHEN: 24.02.2015
WHERE: Inner Ear Records

Ayyyooooooo it’s Stella. A little while ago we reviewed her single Picking Words and very much enjoyed the sounds that the Greek singer-songwriter was delivering and now finally we’re getting around to reviewing her new album Stella. If you’re a fan of pop music that comes with a slight edge of rock and a hint of groove then this is the album for you. It’s dancey, it’s heavy in places, and it’s simply great.

First things first it is crazy to deny that Stella knows how to lay down a sweet groove in her music. The absolutely sublime production allows us to be able to hear every single sound and it’s nooks and crannies which allows this record to become a sterling example of your best friend that’s always ready to go on a proper hype ting when a night out is arranged. Picking Words kicks off the album and lays down the introduction but tracks such as The Map, Repeat come into their own and really get the feet tapping with their own beats and riffs that sound unlike no other and certainly stand tall with the other highlights on the record.

Our personal highlight has to be Made To Attack. This track brings back memories of the 80s as this old school, synth-dominated beat slips in beside the slick bassline to create one of the best beats on the record. The echoed drum beat adds a great cue for how to time the dance moves just right and Stella’s vocals sound like they’re just as enthusiastic about the track as we are. It’s a superb little dance jam and really helps boost Stella as one great record.

As well as the uptempo, straight up accessible tunes Stella also offers a couple tracks that deliver some beats on a slightly slower level for those who get out of breath easily. Wait On Me is a great jazz-y sounding tune that repeats a beat that stutters and stops, really adding some nice texture while the lyrics deliver some simply hooks. It’s a great track that builds up tension as it progresses and definitely adds some depth to Stella while also keeping with the electronic sound.

Stella is a very solid album that certainly should be enjoyed by everybody. Not only are there some great single-esque tunes but there are also some deep cuts that offer an alternative notion while still in-keeping with the overall mood of the record. It’s very enjoyable, and is pretty much a hipster’s dream record to play at a hipster party. It’s great. For more music reviews, free downloads and I definitely needed to get this out quick check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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