Mad As Hell by Damn Vandals | Track Review

WHEN: 23.02.2015
WHERE: Sexy Beast

There is nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy music that just gets shit done. All you need in life is somebody who knows how to make power chords sound really freakin’ good and just strum the shit out of the guitar. Damn Vandals is a band that does that shit, and they do that shit well. Mad As Hell is the latest single to be a prequel for their new album Rocket Out Of London.

Mad As Hell is an energetic, straight up ballsy garage rock song. Complete with guitars that don’t quit, drums that crash and bang their way into sounding awesome and lead guitar parts that add all kinds of cherries on top it’s really difficult not to get REALLY invested into what Damn Vandals are producing right now. The vocals are chaotic and are just perfect for a song like this, and it just sounds so good. Soooo good.

B-Side This Music Blows My Tiny Mind hits harder and features a riff that is beyond good. Damn Vandals have created a track that combines the easy-going nature of Eagles Of Death Metal with the monstrous priority to just keep going ala The Hives, and it sounds seriously great.

We are definitely going to be checking out the new album after hearing these two songs. Damn Vandals are making music that brings further the point that rock n roll is the coolest genre in the world, and it sounds really good. Mad As Hell is a really enjoyable single. Stream both Mad As Hell and the B-Side below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and a guitars in your face check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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