Citizen Zombie by The Pop Group | Album Review

WHERE: Freaks R Us

Alright I admit, we are REALLY behind on our backlog. Posting once a weekday (sometimes) kinda puts us on the backfoot, and with us actually being me as in actually being one guy who now has a full time job it gets a little difficult. If you wanna write alongside me and don’t expect to get paid money but possibly paid in many, many hugs then please do contact me. ANYWAY. We might be a couple months beyond the proper time to review this record but The Pop Group took thirty five years to release new album Citizen Zombie, so time really isn’t an issue here. I mean, I was -14 years old when they last put out some music.

Citizen Zombie is a strong, strong reintroduction into one of the most brutal punk bands of the 70s. The Pop Group’s output prior to this modern piece is still hailed as being some of the most hardcore and soul destroying music to ever exist. However, this new record and a few decades have seemingly given The Pop Group a new priority: to make people dance. Whether or not this is a way to make up for all those destroyed souls who still walk around with duct tape lathered around their cracks is uncertain, but my god, these old guys know how to lay down some grooves. Some very strange, swimming-in-gravel grooves.

The Pop Group layer their sound with all kinds of industrial-esque noises ranging from cement busting drumbeats to metallic melodies and guitars that sound like they’re swinging from loose wires. The basslines are the real driving force of the record, giving off a real danceable vibe amongst all of the crumbling structures. Opening track Citizen Zombie features all of that inside one little neat introductory package that’s complete with intense screams and a heavy, heavy vocal hook that batters its way into your face to really get noticed. It’s awesome.

The funk comes into its own on Mad Truth which sees the instrumentation come together to create a behemoth with the loosest hips in the world. Guitar riffs scatter some groove throughout against a bassline that does not quit, and even though the vocals aren’t your typical funk accompaniment they do manage to fit in nicely. It really adds a nice niche crevice into the genre of punk, of funk, and well, it’s gotta be funk punk.

Our personal highlight has to be S.O.P.H.I.A. The Pop Group stick this track right in the centre of the record and well, it’s just so danceable-y good. The instruments are on point with the disco game here, from the uptempo drum beats to the gritty but groovy guitar riff to the group vocals’ talent in delivering some hooks inside lyrics that tell you to assume nothing, deny everything. It’s also at this point where everyone must surely be pleased to have The Pop Group back, because they have come back with a sound that transcends genres and instead just creates all the sounds it wants to make without any hint of hesitation.

Citizen Zombie has it all. From the deep rooted grooves to the old school punk values that brought The Pop Group to prominence thirty five years ago. It truly is one of the best returning records to date, and definitely one of the best of the year too. For more music reviews, free downloads and goodness me I wish I could make this much groove check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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