The Great Pretenders by Mini Mansions | Album Review

WHEN: 23.03.2015
WHERE: Fiction Records

Ahhhhhh Mini Mansions. We have personally been waiting for this album for a little while. Not too long ago we checked out the lead single Vertigo and very much enjoyed its sexy descent into darkness, complete with Alex Turner. Nowadays the much anticipated second album The Great Pretenders is out and well, it’s a doozy.

The three piece are known for their not-so-sunny look at pop music and after their 2010 debut delivered such great material in the forms of Monk, Girls and Kiddie Hypnogogia they certainly come into their own with The Great Pretenders. The first four tracks of this record come forth with so much excellent adventures into numerous avenues of pop music that it actually becomes a little overwhelming once Fantasy comes around. Opening track Freakout! Is a brilliant slow moving pop tune with many, many hooks stuck into the deep rooted groove, which eventually expands into the constantly bouncing disco sounds of Death Is A Girl, before mellowing out into a huge romantic anthem in the form of the superb lead lick of Creeps.

Once this brilliant four song section ends, the two huge guest stars come forth with Any Emotions, an excellent slow-dance track featuring a simple but effective hook and haunting vocal contributions from Brian Wilson, and the sexy sound of Vertigo– the showpiece of the record for the masses. What follows next is a supreme coupling that contains a sexual tension that could mirror the best couples in the world like Posh and Becks, Kim and Kanye West, and Marmite on Toast. Honey I’m Home takes the pop approach but treads on gravel as the slightly rockier tune throws out all kinds of noises and crashes and bangs, before making way for the straight up JAM that is Mirror Mountain. This track is full on with the balls, balls are everywhere, balls are out and they are slapping against the guitars for this one as the simple riff tears through the genre like a gunshot to water.

The Great Pretenders rounds off by heading into slower, much more atmospheric sounds which begin to envelop everything we’ve heard so far before adding a couple more cherries on top. This record showcases Mini Mansions as a force of its own, and not as a by-product of Queens of the Stone Age, which is further cemented by the fact that Brian Wilson and Alex Turner making an appearance is only a minor part of it. Everything about this record is confident in the sound it creates, and we personally love it. Such a fantastic pop record that has a bit of a twist rooted deep inside its little crevices. For more music reviews, free downloads and ohhh yes Mini Mansions check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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