Track Review | Faerground Accidents – She Makes Me Want To Die

WHEN: 09.02.2015
WHERE: Louder Than War

Sometimes relationships just don’t work out. Whether it’s from having too many differences to growing apart or simply not being all that great in the bedroom, there’s a whole load of reasons why a couple could break up. The post-relationship phase is personally one I’m in right now, and while I’m not having post-breakup sex I’m certainly in the “become sweaty and nervous around all the girls in the entire world and then cry yourself to sleep” boat of it, which is just superb. She Makes Me Want To Die is a song from Faerground Accidents, and it is a song that takes influence from the ship that’s sailing on the “I really really really hate you” line.

Complete with warm basslines, catchy drums and guitars loaded with distortion this track is enjoyable for all the wrong reasons. The music is great, and could be used for a track that offers lyricism a little happier than what Faerground Accidents are delivering, but the lyrics that are being performed are brilliant. They depict things from suspected “looking at her strange” to arguments at 3 in the morning to generally making noises of disgust thinking about said person. It’s a beautiful song that allows people who do feel the same way to rage out all of their internal struggles by connecting with this song, and for that, I thank Faerground Accidents for providing that service.

She Makes Me Want To Die is a great, catchy tune that mixes pure venom with poppy instrumentals to create the perfect example of underlying happiness with murderous thoughts. It allows me to head towards the knife in the most jolly, hip shaking of ways, and that’s awesome. Stream the track below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and advice on how to cry yourself to sleep without ruining your pillows check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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