Album Review | The Bricks – Here We Come

WHEN: 07.02.2015
WHERE: Raven Faith Records

The Bricks are a four piece band from Omaha, and this is their new album Here We Come. These guys play a kind of punk music that makes me feel like I’m back to the 90’s and listening to The Offspring and Suicidal Tendencies again, and also that time where I listened the shit out of Anti-Flag to try and impress a girl I liked. It’s being released through Raven Faith Records, a label that looks to promote those who do the whole DIY approach, which is pretty cool. She didn’t seem to care about it by the way.

Here We Come is a solid record that offers a concise set of ten tracks that perform a sound that’s catchy without necessarily taking too many risks. However what we are presented with is a record that offers a lot of poppy guitar riffs toughened up by beefy basslines and drums that offer catchy rhythms, while also the occasional shred of the guitar appears, as well as the odd drum solo too. It’s everything you could want from a record; it touches all the right points without getting too dirty or heading too far out into the atmosphere.

I personally like a little more grit and venom in my punk music but Here We Come is nothing to be disappointed by. It’s a short, catchy record full of entertaining moments and songs that are inoffensive, which is fine sometimes. Though I must say The Bricks absolutely kill it on Some Day. I’ve headed towards the gravel pit but ended up in a puddle of pillows, and I’m okay with that. If you have an opinion on this record then please do leave a comment below, or if you’d like to receive more music reviews then check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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