Track Review | Chastity – Manning Hill

WHEN: 04.02.2015

Alright now this is pretty dope. Chastity is a band from Whitby in Ontario, our favourite place in the world for music and this is their track Manning Hill. These guys have posted three songs online after performing them during the early hours and waking up many disgruntled and sleepy neighbours, which meant the police were involved. Badass.

Manning Hill is a prime example of why these neighbours were woken up as it is loud as the loudest thing in the entire world. Huge 90s inspired guitar riffs tear through the airwaves alongside skull destroying drums and for all it’s painful attack on the eardrums, it sounds fucking great. No wonder those neighbours were annoyed.

If you’re fortunate enough to catch Chastity at one of their bedroom shows throughout Ontario then please do so. I’ll just sit here fangirling in a totally different country. Manning Hill is a straight up ballsy track, and it’s just so good. Stream it below. If you have an opinion on this song then please do leave a comment below, if not then for more music reviews and free downloads check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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