EP Review | Mardeen – Silver Fang

WHEN: 03.02.2015
WHERE: Pigeon Row

Now this is a lovely little diddy for you all. Silver Fang is the new EP from Mardeen, an indie rock band from Nova Scotia. Sometimes all that’s needed from music is some good tunes with big blaring guitars and a slight touch of heartbreak for us to appreciate our talent in having ears, and that’s exactly what Mardeen deliver here with this new EP. Thanks guys.

A wonderful acoustic intro kicks off the EP with title track Silver Fang soon growing some chest hairs and throwing out some volume almost immediately to inject some momentum and energy into the mix. This quick little ball of fire is full of riffs, lead licks, pummelling drums and a ton of hooks including the aforementioned wonderful intro which the band stick right in the middle of all the noise to add a nice touch of contrast to the mix as well. It’s a solid, heavy hitting song and yeah, great start.

The slower paced DC Fan comes next with some nice acoustic riffs swelling the air alongside vocals that depict an element of loss and becoming a DC fan. Personally I too support the notion that DC is best. Batman is a badman. Mardeen prove on this track that they can really bolster up a song with all kinds of melodies and harmonies and the result is something that sounds well layered and naturally atmospheric. It’s nice.

Backroads closes out the EP with a strong, post-punk sounding performance with huge walls of guitars and drums that sound intense as balls. There’s a real grittiness to this track from the lyrics to the basslines and it really does bring forth a different side to Mardeen’s sound. It’s a great closing track full of elongated vocals and generally wraps up all of the sounds and directions we’ve heard so far in one nice little goodbye package.

Silver Fang is a short but very solid EP from Mardeen. Despite only being three songs in length it does offer three different sides to a sound that boasts a ton of volume and a lot of variety within layers, certainly giving the listener a very strong sample of the band. It’s a great little EP, and yeah, Mardeen are great. For more music reviews, free downloads and if you would like to offer an opinion on this EP then leave a comment below, or check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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