Track Review | Mini Mansions – Vertigo

WHEN: 10.03.2015
WHERE: Capitol Records

Okay so Mini Mansions are awesome. As a huge fan of Queens Of The Stone Age I have pretty much become a stalker of the band and will follow every single side project or off shoot that comes out of the Rancho camp. Eagles Of Death Metal are brilliant, Them Crooked Vultures are brilliant, so it was only necessary to check out Mini Mansions. The trio produce a kind of pop music that’s heavily laced with psychedelic thunder, and with their debut album The Great Pretenders out on the 23rd of March we have been given Vertigo to play with, with Alex Turner all involved and stuff too.

Traditional Mini Mansions’ piano drives this track into familiar Halloween territory and is backed up with rippling percussion and a heavy dose of reverb too. Slightly breathy vocals direct the track further into darkness while some subtle keys boost the atmosphere with fog, and then the chorus kicks in. Holy moly it’s great, and really kicks in with full force with simple hooks and a bassline that does not quit. It’s awesome, and the whole carnival-pop bravado it bares really adds another dimension to this impressive sound.

Alex Turner’s crooning contribution for the second verse meanders at numerous speeds and only adds more jagged lines to this already off-kilter tune. As always he comes and adds in a certain level of smoothness to the instrumentation and suddenly this track is much more charming than previously thought.

Vertigo excels at showcasing Mini Mansions’ sound and for all of its twists and turns it always manages to come together to form what is a brilliant pop song. Mini Mansions have already worked with Brian Wilson, now this track with Alex Turner, and right now they’re touring with Royal Blood. 2015 could be a big year for them, and hopefully debut album The Great Pretenders is the stepping stone out of the shadows and into the spotlight for them. Great track.

Check out Vertigo below, and look out for The Great Pretenders on March 23rd. For more music reviews, free downloads and admittance in crushing on Alex Turner check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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