EP Review | Los Trasgos Muertos – Los Trasgos Muertos

WHEN: 02.02.2015

Los Trasgos Muertos are a three piece band from right here in the UK and this is their debut EP which is also self-titled. These guys are named Captain Reed, Von Beek and Il Fleishe and they produce a sound that certainly fits their creative little heads. With influences ranging from the likes of Deep Purple, Ty Segall and The Beatles this EP is sure to be something to listen to when you’re feeling particularly cheeky, or possibly high.

An old school lead section kicks off the EP which sounds badass against the heavy bass and the drums, and then Fire In The Sky only becomes way more badass as the full on pummelling riff takes control. There’s urgency to this track which adds excitement amongst all of the noise, and yeah, it sounds great. The chorus also sounds great with the breakdown of the instruments and the old school vibe coming through once again, making for a very solid start to the EP.

Step One adds a touch of psychedelic rock to the mix as guitar chords are drawn out to add some texture to the track. This is another fast paced track once it gets going with a little less distortion but instead delivers some sunny sounding sounds instead, which is just lovely. Our personal favourite has to It Rises! Which features this slightly drawn out tempo that sounds really good with the heavily distorted guitar riff, and with the bassline and drums it creates this groove that gets the feet moving immediately. This is where the Ty Segall influence really comes through as this track could have easily snuck onto the tracklisting of Finger and nobody would have noticed any difference. It’s a sneaky little sneak, and it’s cool.

The trio close off Los Trasgos Muertos with the six minute Roll with the Punches. This track is a great way to say goodbye as it has a great SEE YA feel to it. Badass guitar riffs tear through the intro while a pulsating bassline plays in the background alongside drums that go absolutely mental in parts. It’s a great roundup of everything we’ve heard from the EP before and Los Trasgos Muertos aren’t afraid to let loose either making sure everything ends on a very high note. This EP is awesome.

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