Track Review | Muse – Psycho

WHEN: 13.03.2015
WHERE: Warner Music UK

More and more big names seem to be showing themselves this year and the latest to attend this reunion is Muse. The vast symphony rock band responsible for some superb hits over the many years of their existence look set to release their new album Drones in June right before their headlining slot at this year’s Download Festival, but in the mean time we have been given Psycho to play around with, much like the very suggestive album cover for the new record.

For 2015 it seems Muse have remembered that they do have some expertise in creating rock music and they have certainly delivered something that stays very much away from whatever the hell they were trying to create on The 2nd Law and instead heads into a much more grittier, old school Muse sound, which is a nice surprise. The riff isn’t anything special but does have a certain groove to it that gets things moving quite nicely, much like something Queens of the Stone Age could create, but with faaarrrrr better lyrics.

Goodness me the lyrics are something else. Muse seem to be going with an anti-government theme which is pretty cool but with lyrics not really heading too much into proper psycho tendencies it seems Matt Bellamy is more content to just control someone so they can do some killing on his command. Yes, armies do this. Had they delved a little bit deeper and thought a little more on the lyrics then this could have been a very strong return to the sound that made Muse big in the first place, however its basic nature leaves a lot to be desired….and I can’t help but just see something jerking off in the album cover.

Despite the obvious flaws in Psycho, the return of Muse with symphonic instruments left behind does bring a lot more promise to Drones. Perhaps the emergence of Royal Blood has inspired Muse to get writing some badass riffs, which means that Drones could be one of the better records in the latter half of their discography. But still, it should be interesting nonetheless. Check out Psychobelow, and look out for Drones on June 8th. For more music reviews, free downloads and do some checking out of Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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