Track Review | Dr Meaker – Freaks

WHEN: 12.03.2015
WHERE: Circus Records

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, this song is a storm for the ears. Dr Meaker is a beat maker from Bristol right here in England, and this is his upcoming single Freaks. With the release coming in just a few days this track has already racked up over half a million plays which is just astounding, and certainly is a great thing as Dr Meaker looks to release his first album on Circus Records this year too.

This song is a behemoth of a track designed to make everybody feel good no matter where they are. Whether it be club, party, or alone in their bedroom Freaks is absolutely designed to make you feel good. There’s a whole load of energy within the old school sounding DnB which makes this track shine with confidence, and even the piano-driven verses are entertaining simply because of the powerful vocals from contributor Sharlene Hector. It’s a brilliant addition to anybody’s party playlist, and guaranteed to get everybody moving the second it takes over the airwaves. A brilliant club tune.

Stream Freaks below and add to the ever-increasing amount of plays it’s received. For more music reviews, free downloads and is he calling us freaks? Check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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