Track Review | Babaganouj – Can’t Stop

WHEN: February 2015

We all have that special something we always think about. Whether it’s a person, or the decision to acquire the dropkick trait in Dying Light, or the person who delivers you pizza on a Saturday night, there’s always something that keeps us going. Australia’s nicely spelled Babaganouj is a band who uses their talents to project exactly that notion with their new single Can’t Stop.

This track is a little of something and a little of something else. The main body of it is this super sweet “I can’t stop thinking/dreaming about you” hook that is simple as hell but doesn’t need to be technical to be lovely. This hook is played against an instrumental that is formed of warm basslines, a poppy drum beat and a guitar riff that wraps everything up in goodness. If this was the entirety of the song then happy days, but Babaganouj throw out a little surprise in the mix, like tiny sausages in baked beans.

An intense 90’s era grunge wave of distortion is thrown in for good measure and suddenly things are all shook up. It comes in out of nowhere and it is as enjoyable as it is surprising, and the cool manner in which Babaganouj perform it and let it slip away for the main body of the song is freakin’ badass. It made Can’t Stop a song about being in love with a pair of balls hanging low for everybody to appreciate. It’s a lovely little tune, and I can’t stop thinking about it.

Stream Can’t Stop below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and I miss you pizza delivery man check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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