EP Review | WOOF. – WOOF.

WHEN: 10.02.2015
WHERE: Tree Machine Records

Hi Zack! Yes today we’re back talking about a release from Tree Machine Records. I love Tree Machine Records and will continue to do so until either I end up living with Zack and working with the company or the restraining order passes, but today my love continues to reach new peaks, as they’re responsible for the release of Woof.’s WOOF. EP.

WOOF. Is the noise that dogs make but it is also the project of singer-songwriter Kelan Bonislawski. After many years of playing numerous instruments Kelan soon realised that he had the sound of an entire band inside his own sole body, and after realising immediately afterwards that he had nobody else to play the instruments with him he decided to record the WOOF. EP all on his own but fortunately in this case, it’s good to be a loner.

Coming in strong with a sound comprised of psychedelic rock, lo-fi funk and a whole load of casualness WOOF. EP opens with My Device. This track features a very upbeat guitar riff that is dripping with the aforementioned funk, and because of this the entirety of it is this wonderful escape into a world full of colour, rainbows and sherbet. Melodies are thrown in by the bucket load which creates this forever entertaining mix of constantly evolving sounds that just sounds amazing. I love this song.

I Got Away is a brilliant display of harmonies, melodies and hooks as WOOF. Takes this track from sounding like a beastly surf rock tune into a psychedelic experience as he throws all kinds of guitar riffs, sounds and percussive elements into the airwaves to create something that could give me the happiest hug ever.

Fans of of Montreal, Spoon, Tame Impala and Bombay Bicycle Club will certainly enjoy this EP. Despite its psychedelic tag all nine of the tracks included on this debut are unbelievably catchy, as tracks like Not To Offend, 2am and Gleamed offer a more poppy side of the mind-boggling genre, and with the summer months coming up, it would be silly if you didn’t have I Got Away on your playlist. Everything about this EP is simply fantastic and WOOF. Has done a great job at introducing himself by throwing out a sound that is not only original but also very, very accessible, and the result is a new fan in me. I love dogs, and now, I love WOOF. EP. Let’s go walkies.

Stream WOOF. EP below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and go say hi to some dogs today check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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