Album Review | Buffalo Songbook – The Envelop

WHEN: 16.02.2015

You know, the best choice to make in life when you’re an eccentric fellow is to keep being eccentric. You like dressing up in colours, go keep dressing up in colours. You like wearing top hats on your knees, go keep strolling down the street with the classiest knees possible. You like music that offers a sense of insanity, go run a record label dedicated to it. That’s exactly what TENENTNET have done here, and alongside other exotic noisemakers Super Best Friends Club and Hot Head Show comes Buffalo Songbook. With the debut album The Envelop, this is eight tracks of something that offers everything and yet leaves you dumbfounded with sonic wonderment.

Combining all elements of folk, pop, art rock and goodness knows what else The Envelop offers little in the way of context but instead revels in continuously flipping your brain side to side to the point of bemused lobotomy. Opening track For My Fans introduces us to a monologue about Michael Jackson and being kissed on the cheek to yearning for the audience. This one’s for you, and you, and you, and you, and you. It’s a brilliant example of the chaotic mind of singer-songwriter Gack and the result is something that is full of wonderful melodies, harmonies and twists and turns that could make Willy Wonka break.

Poprising is an excellent adventure in itself as Gack and co take their banjo and use it to direct something that is jangly as balls and results in one hell of a listen. There’s all kinds of everything going on at once with additional vocals slipping in and out of focus whenever they please, and the switch towards a much more distorted sound just seems to be continuously turning on and off throughout. It’s like if LCD Soundsystem went country, its mindboggingly awesome.

Buffalo Songbook fires shots at Holland and Barrett as Holland And Barrett talks about drinking coke and eating bacon and basically poo all over all of the sunflower seeds in the world as it turns this absurd rant against the store into something that is humourous and extremely well done actually. I think it’s here that we realised that Buffalo Songbook is a genius, and saying the words “bare fresh” on top of a banjo is the funniest thing we’ve heard all year.

The Envelop is possibly the only album in the world that goes from the awkward introductions to making you want to hug each and every part of its existence. Buffalo Songbook is your best friend by the time the album finishes, and it’s impossible to deny that even though you know you think he’s strange, you can’t help but be extremely glad when he’s around. This is an absurd, chaotic mess of a record, but it’s wonderful in its madness. It’s like Spongebob on crack, it’s incredible. For more music reviews, free downloads and I just don’t know what to do with my life no more check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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