Track Review | Jesse Malin – Addicted

WHEN: 19.01.2015
WHERE: One Little Indian

Sometimes the best way to get over the worst of things is to just walk right into its face. Singer songwriter Jesse Malin does it perfectly here with recent single Addicted, which sees Malin walking right into the face of everything that has tied him down in the past. This is the first taste of his new album New York Before The War, but while that isn’t released until the end of March, we do get to remain upbeat and joyous thanks to this little tune.

Based around one punchy hook, Addicted is a song that remains catchy throughout. Instrumental wise it’s inoffensive but it does offer up a nice reason to dance all cheesy for a couple minutes, and it does allow Jesse to throw all kinds of sadness into his lyrics for them to soak up like a sponge or something. It’s a nice little song, and if the rest of the material on New York Before The War sounds just as catchy as this then we’re in for a pretty solid record from Jesse Malin.

Check out the video to Addicted below, and look out for his new album New York Before The War on March 30th via One Little Indian. For more music reviews, free downloads and a sense of happiness check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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