Track Review | Blur – Go Out

WHEN: 19.02.2015
WHERE: Parlophone

Blur are back!!! Like properly back this time!!! After years and years AND YEARS of rumours of them recording new material and them releasing a new album it seems the rumours are finally coming true as hey, we’re talking about A NEW SONG FROM THEM. All fangirling aside, it’s terrific to see Blur releasing new material, and new single Go Out shows that they haven’t lost any of their Parklife-iness at all, even though Manchester was traded for Tokyo.

Damon Albarn’s love of all things off-kilter shrines through on Go Out as a funky drum beat lays down a foundation for some half-arsed vocal harmonies, beefy basslines and reckless displays of guitars to come together to create something that is full of energy, excitement and a little hint of ice cream according to the music video, and album cover. Blur build this track up into something that could have been coughed up by Gorillaz but still manages to sound catchy as dicks amongst its gravelly texture.

Go Out is awesome, and definitely has us excited for The Magic Whip. Hopefully its sound is heard throughout the record, because it’s about time ice cream had an edge to it. We absolutely cannot wait for The Magic Whip. Check out the video to Go Out below, look out for The Magic Whip on April 27th and for more music reviews, free downloads and a dab of cream check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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