Track | Girl Friend – Monte Carlo

WHEN: 10.02.2015

Based off of our reviews in 2014 it became clear that we are two things. The first being ridiculously clingy and the second being that we really, really Girl Friend. Ever since releasing their undeniably sexy track Stop we have been huge fans of everything they’ve put out thus far. The first taste of Girl Friend in 2015 is new single Monte Carlo, and it is as every bit as good as sliced bread. Yummy.

Girl Friend’s sensational sound comprised of throwback 80’s groove and the modern touch of synthesisers creates yet another instrumental that is constantly rife with basslines, echo-y beats and melodies that are all directed by the soft vocal harmonies of lead singer Amory. Once again the three-piece throw all their lustfulness into their lyricism by talking about dancing with a particular person, staying with them in Monte Carlo and possibly other things that might leave us all with a little appreciation down below. Monte Carlo excels at being the smoothest Girl Friend track yet as it manages to slip from verse to chorus seamlessly, sounding even sexier for it.

We absolutely love Monte Carlo and the way it gets us riled up in the pants region. It is constantly bouncing and is such a feel good dancefloor hit that is impossible to dislike. Girl Friend continue to prove that they are the next big thing in music and we cannot wait to see how much they take 2015 by storm. Stream Monte Carlo below, and for more music reviews, free downloads check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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