Album | Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love – Last

WHEN: 16.02.2015
WHERE: Audio Antihero

I have gotten the name mixed up so many times already I don’t know if I’ll be able to cope with this review. Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love are a duo from just outside Manchester and this is their fourth album Last. These guys produce a kind of sound that mixes indie and lo-fi together to create something that is either uplifting like a baby duck or gloomy as the colour grey. It tends to switch back and forth throughout this record, and sometimes they both come together. It’s all very complex, but it’s a hell of a listen.

Opening track Goodbyes kicks off Last with a huge burst of guitars and drums and feedback to give off a nostalgic intro akin to the likes of My Bloody Valentine or Sonic Youth. This minute long opening of everything crumbling to pieces sets up the murky, gloomy atmosphere of the record and makes way for some emotional acoustic guitars, melodies and vocal harmonies that packs a punch to the heartstrings. This eery section is very well produced and further cements the tone of the album, certainly leaving its purpose a success.

Lead single Burrow certainly sees the duo switch over to the nicer side of their sound as a huge guitar riff and catchy drum beat fills the airwaves as it forms this big, thick wall of music that knocks down any shadows that may have been cast during the opener. This is a great guitar-driven track that does not cool off on the tempo or volume, and adds a little bit of momentum and energy into the album’s early beginnings.

The rest of Last follows a strong start with a fantastic display of tracks that emit an atmosphere that covers even the most upbeat material with a certain gloominess to enable everything sounds consistent with one another. Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love pack this record with the darkest and moodiest of sounds and yet somehow pull out some superb catchy riffs and rhythms that give it a real accessible quality to it. Last is a great album, and Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love have justified their bandname’s difficulty typing wise. For more music reviews, free downloads and less confusing band names check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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