EP | The Persian Leaps – Drive Drive Delay

WHEN: 12.01.2015
WHERE: Land Ski Records

Driven by influences of My Bloody Valentine, The Smiths, Guided By Voices and Teenage Fanclub and named after a doodle in a notebook The Persian Leaps are back with their second EP Drive Drive Delay. In 2013 the band released their debut EP Praise Elephants and honestly, Elephants are superb. I love those big grey bastards.

Drive Drive Delay features five songs that will offer up a whole load of very well recorded instrumentals all complete with their own set of big booming guitar riffs and all come with the underlying attitude that everything is good. Everything is good right now, I’m drinking water and I’m feeling fierce. 2015 needs to get ready for me. Unfortunately the feel good attitude is something that borders on a little too feel good as the vocals sound a bit too cheesy for our liking. Fire Starter kicks off the EP with a vocal intro that doesn’t want us to get us starting fires but instead find the nearest bucket of water as the track despite its title sounds devoid of any momentum or chaos, despite the number of guitars that’s heard.

Pretty Boy heads in the right direction with a hugely distorted intro swallowing up a lead melody that is just about heard as it projects some of the momentum and off-kilter-ness we expected. However much like Fire Starter everything sounds a little too rehearsed, and again the momentum just dissipates.

It’s a shame because The Persian Leaps are brilliant with the production of Drive Drive Delay as all five tracks from a production viewpoint sound fantastic. If they could add a little bit more of an attitude or rawness to their sound then these could have been five tracks that were punchy and ballsy, and not afraid to punch themselves in the balls. Instead we’ve got an EP that has tools to work very well but ends up creating a table with three legs. While the result we have been given is inoffensive and is undeniably feel good, a slight tweak or two would’ve made it so much better.

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