Album | Prince Of Toronto – Prince Of Toronto Vol 1

WHEN: 15.01.2015
WHERE: Self Released

Way back in the days of Elusive Little Comments we checked out Jackson Fishauf’s Legitimate and found that it was…pretty legitimate. Nowadays we’re Exploding Head Syndrome and Jackson Fishauf is now The Prince Of Toronto. A pretty big name to have, but this is the first collection of tracks to come from the prince and his partner in crime who simply goes by the name Giulio. Awesome.

If you find yourself a fan of brief things and lo-fi guitar music then Prince Of Toronto Vol 1 is the record for you. Despite boasting seventeen tracks many of them keep within three minutes, with only a couple exceptions reaching above that. The pace usually hits a high level with many of the tracks following a simple catchy guitar riff that bounces throughout the gravel that comes from the vocals, though there are a couple tracks that like to hit on the heartstrings a little tempo-wise.

Overall the lo-fi, distorted production allows Prince Of Toronto Vol 1 to envelope itself in its own sound, without necessarily keeping to a strict formula. Some tracks dabble between electric and acoustic guitars, and the guys like to switch vocal duties which allow things to stay fresh and unpredictable. The majority of the record is enjoyable, and makes for some effortless listening, though with the amount of songs on there some of it does become quite hit and miss. However it does make for a nice way to spend half an hour. There’s also some great material amongst the distortion too, so it would be nice to see The Prince Of Toronto smash some ideas together to create a record that’s more concise and produces material that’s full of melodies, riffs and hooks. But for now, Prince For Toronto Vol 1 is a solid record. Stream it below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and tips on how you can become a prince check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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