Album | The Black Lamps – The Black Lamps

WHEN: 12.01.2015
WHERE: Of National Importance Records

The Black Lamps are a four piece from Barnsley, and this is their debut self-titled album. What’s special about this emerging act is that the four musicians have actually been in the music industry for THREE DECADES under the names of bands very much respected by society including Creatures Of Habit, The Danse Society, Party Day, The Second Coming, Silent Scream and This Colossal Youth. So despite this being a debut it’s more of a refreshed look for four musicians who clearly have a talent at creating music that gets people digged.

This project comes with a deep history that comes from the 80’s, and through the experiences in time comes a sound that definitely tips hats to some of the more notable names in the music industry. The dark, echo-y but beautiful sound of The Black Lamps brings light to Joy Division, New Order, My Bloody Valentine. All superb bands that remain relevant in adoration and it definitely comes through on The Black Lamps.

Personal highlight The Smoking Party showcases The Black Lamps at their best. This mid-paced track is steeped in reverb and nostalgia but the way the band have tweaked the mixing allows all kinds of vocal harmonies, melodies and hooks to be heard clearly. Despite the mid tempo the band allow flurries of drums to make an impact throughout against the pained whines of the vocals, and with the basslines being heard smoothly it becomes one shadow hit that is surprisingly accessible. It’s a wonderful song.

Another wonderful example of the deep history of The Black Lamps is the track Awkward. This track is another middle of the road paced number complete with fantastic guitar melodies, and even includes a riff that was written over twenty years ago. Why the band chose to keep the riff to themselves for so long is something we won’t question but it’s awesome regardless.  

The Black Lamps is a superb debut from a band of musicians who continue to reinvent themselves. We’re not sure on the past bands’ material but right now The Black Lamps are sitting very nicely in our good books. This record is great, and while it sticks a lot to its genre it does offer some simply brilliant moments. For more music reviews, free downloads and this is the first review we’ve written in over a week check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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