Track | Sonnymoon – Pop Music

WHEN: The Courage Of Present Times – 23.03.2015

Ages and ages ago we reviewed Sonnymoon, the second album from emerging electronic act Sonnymoon and it ended up with us planting our face and thoughts on a magazine. That was pretty awesome, but then Sonnymoon’s Anna Wise topped it by contributing vocals to four tracks on Kendrick Lamar’s seminal good kid, m.A.A.d city. The Boston duo will be returning with their highly anticipated third album The Courage Of Present Times in March, but for now we will check out the lead single Pop Music.

Sonnymoon have once again changed up their sound and Pop Music delivers on something that throws all kinds of harsh synths about the place, but not without sounding all subtle and naughty. Anna Wise’s whispered vocals manage to sound sexy and annoyed at the same time, maybe that’s just something I’m into, but it really is something that sticks out from other whispered efforts. The synths burst all over the quiet introduction and this causes a ripple effect of interesting guitar melodies and percussion that sounds lush as dicks, with the synths delivering something that is vibrant and borders going to A&E because of a burst eardrum.

Pop Music is a track that definitely could have benefitted with a couple extra minutes. Only having 2 minutes 53 seconds to play with is ridiculous with what the song was trying to achieve with its subtle opening and big booming finale. It did not allow any tension or progression to be made as it all had to fit inside this tiny space, which is a shame because Sonnymoon could have easily given us a hit had it been given at least 4 minutes to do its thing. Stream the track below, and look out for the new album The Courage Of Present Times on March 23rd. For more music reviews, free downloads and we just do it because we love you check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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