Album | Filter Distortion – Transition

WHEN: 12.01.2015
WHERE: Probe Records

Filter Distortion are a four piece band from Liverpool, and this is their debut album Transition. These guys produce a kind of throwback 80’s sound that captures all of the greatness of synthesisers and cheesiness and condense it into ten tracks that make me want to use all the hairspray in the world and wear every single colour ever at once.

All of the 80s feel good quality immediately comes through on opening track Black And White which revels in using synthesisers to produce a nice, mellow-y beat alongside some brooding bass which is constantly boosted by the drums. The vocals sound like something Bowie and Boy George reproduced in one messy but intriguing evening and altogether it just sounds like something straight from the synthesiser’s heyday. It makes us feel good, gets the foot tapping, and it just sounds good.

The amount of hooks featured on Transition is staggering too. Resonator Express and Neon Lights in particular shine through with hooks that are pretty simple but are delivered in a way that makes everything explode with accessibility. It’s insane that Filter Distortion are just starting out yet have the expertise of veterans. Every track on the album could become a single if the band really wanted to, as it’s all just infectious as a zombie apocalypse, a really funky one.

Transition is a very solid tribute to the 80s, and definitely succeeds at bringing all of the catchiness, cheesiness and hairspray into the modern times without necessarily ripping off past material. Filter Distortion have definitely got this sound down to a tee, and teaching us about AM and FM on Frequency Modulation was a nice touch. What would have been nice was seeing Filter Distortion craft more of their own sound out of these strong influences, possibly using it to create something that had more of a personality rather than making sure the 80s were okay with them taking their qualities. However this debut album is a very solid effort so it will be interesting to see how Filter Distortion progress their sound for future releases. For more music reviews, free downloads and Frankie says relax brah. Check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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