Track | French Rockets – Stuck In A Moment

WHEN: Arc – 2015

French Rockets are a band from Australia, and that’s why we’re going to talk about them right here in the UK. Stuck In A Moment is the first taste of what’s to come from their upcoming second album Arc, which is set for release sometime this year. Getting stuck is one of the worst things a human being can do, especially in a moment. That’s rough.

If you’re a fan of psychedelic rock that does not hold back on the waves then Stuck In A Moment could indeed be the song you’re looking for. Thick guitar riffs continually stock up on the airwaves with a warm, invigorating sound that envelops the listener and leaves them feeling toasty for the rest of the track. French Rockets also add some basslines, synths and a simple drumbeat to create a sound that is forever pulsating with activity and it just sounds really good.

We cannot wait to hear more material from French Rockets, and Stuck In A Moment has definitely peaked our interest in Arc a little too. Check out the frankly awesome, mindbending video to Stuck In A Moment below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and a touch of drugs check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter too.

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