Track | My Pleasure – Would You Still Love Me

WHEN: 09.02.2015
WHERE: Adult Teeth Recordings

Love songs are usually pretty nice in nature. The emotion is something we as humans crave for the most and over the many, many years it has produced some absolutely beautiful songs, or spawned bands that have beautiful souls like Fleet Foxes. However the new single from Adult Teeth’s My Pleasure kind of heads in a different direction, frequently asking questions in the surreal Would You Still Love Me.

A pulsating percussion beats through garage rock guitar scratches to create an instrumentation that is as direct and yet indirect as the lyricism. The questions featured range from asking if a particular person would still love you if you either lost your mind, lost your teeth, had the TV telling you to do bad things, or if they would kiss you if you turned into a dog. Frankly I’d step out the house and run away very, very fast.

It’s a strange idea to throw into a song that sadly doesn’t reach any extremes instrumentally or passionately, usually the people who ask these questions are complete sociopaths and usually stalk their unfortunate prey unless they’ve already trapped them in an unholy mess of a relationship but Would You Still Love Me all lyricism-aside remains pretty tame really.

Stream Would You Still Love Me below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and would you still love me if I mildly excreted in my pants? Check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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