SHOWCASE #1 | Vows | Exploding Head Syndrome

Welcome to SHOWCASE. A brand new series of articles on Exploding Head Syndrome in which we throw a huge spotlight on an artist we believe deserve to have all the attention in the world. Once a week we will be posting a SHOWCASE on a particular band from anywhere in the world and tell you all the reasons why we love them and why you should probably get close to them too.

Our debut band for this new series is a band we have featured before called VOWS. We checked out their self-titled EP last year and we very much enjoyed their sound of blissful dream pop and powerful indie rock to the point of it making our Loved List 2014. 2015 looks set to become a huge year for the band as they embark on recording their new album, which on established and friend of EHS record label Tree Machine Records will receive all of the efforts of some very good people close to our little hearts.

This new record will be treated as a debut for Vows, because as it will be receiving a vinyl pressing it is already being considered a bigger priority than their previous releases. This restart will be supported with an intense touring schedule and certainly a review or two from us, and as Vows have gained over a thousand fans on their Facebook page, as well as gaining a nomination for Artist of the Month section from Deli Magazine (tasty) it seems 2015 could be the year that they finally make some progress career-wise. These guys certainly deserve it, and it would be great if they become the catalyst for Tree Machine Records to become this huge behemoth of a record label too, because that’s awesome too.

Vows will be releasing a single in March, which will be accompanied with a music video and their new album will be seeing the light of day sometime in May. I personally cannot wait to hear more material from Vows, and with all this legwork being made to make sure they have the strongest pair of boots on for the album it just gets me so excited. Stream the Vows EP below, check out Vows’ website, Facebook page and Bandcamp page and if you like the idea of SHOWCASE then let us know by leaving us a little comment on our Facebook page or a tweet on our Twitter page. Love you.


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