My Invisible Friend – My Invisible Friend | EP Review

WHEN: Out Now

You know you’re in for a good day when you receive an email from a press agency called Chatty Chicken. That is a fantastic name that will without fail make me laugh every time I see it pop up in the inbox. Chatty Chicken Press is a new agency from Italy and they extended the debut self-titled EP from an up and coming trio called My Invisible Friend, and if you’re a fan of dreamy, crunchy shoegazey guitars, then this is a recommendation for you my friend.

My Invisible Friend opens up with O.N.S which kicks off with a J Mascis-esque level of whammy thrown into a guitar that seems to have digested a lot of Pepsi as it roars and rattles its way against the drum beats and bassline like one big simultaneous attack of burps. Not to say it’s bad, because there is nothing better than a good powerful burp, and this burp comes with its own rhythm section, which is pretty badass. My Invisible Friend relax on the tempo for this track, leaving it to simmer and perform all kinds of melodies, riffs and grooves at a pace that can be enjoyed by everybody involved, and it does fit in very well with the deeply sunk in delivery of the vocals. O.N.S is a good solid track that definitely leaves a good first impression on us.

Things continue to trudge along in the nicest way possible with Eyes becoming a six minute ballad complete with airy female vocals lathered across some very sweet and emotive guitar riffs and a lead melody that actually pulls at the heartstrings a little. The Italian trio then kick things up a little to produce a climax that is worthy of being as loud and as reckless as possible; it would have made Dinosaur Jr. proud.

Closing track Dear Mary progresses into a bout of crazy as dual vocals are thrown in against the typically fuzzy guitar riffs, creating a strange monologue that is barely comprehensible but sounds cool against the stark beating of the drum. Instrumentally this track blooms towards the end as higher volume allows guitar riffs to sound extra rocking and melodies to sound extra badass as the third and final track on My Invisible Friend finishes the EP on a high note.

My Invisible Friend have made a name for themselves as they deliver what is a very entertaining and satisfying debut EP. The three tracks all bring forth an atmosphere that continues to expand into the unknown musically or strangely, but the level of detail in the instrumentals means that no matter how strange the material turns it’s always going to sound good. Stream My Invisible Friend below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and Chatty Chicken man. Check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebookand Twitter.


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