Bull In The Whisky Shop – Bull In The Whisky Shop | EP Review

WHEN: Out Now

Bull In The Whisky Shop are a band from Manchester and this is their self-titled debut EP. These guys play a kind of shoegaze/noise rock sound that offers some intense riffage alongside some pretty atmospheric melodies to create something that warrants a mother to ask what the hell their son is listening to, but in a good way. I think. These guys have been steadily gaining a reputation worthy of fangirling as they continue to receive features and 5 star reviews from all over the world, which is awesome.

Something Right kicks off the EP with a gritty guitar riff that’s accompanied by some here and there dual vocals to create an opener that sounds directly from the minds of Blood Red Shoes or something. The grittiness and momentum continue to roll out into foot tapping proportions as Bull In The Whisky Shop throw down all sorts of harmonies and feedback into the mix during a very abstract and very strange breakdown before kicking things back up again with the more traditional sounding parts of the track. A good, solid start to the EP.

Lion is easily the most single-esque sounding track on the EP. Bull In The Whisky Shop hold off on the shoegaziness (a new word we’ve just invented) just a tad to allow a smidge of pop to seep inside and produce a sound that could easily be played on the radio. The simple lyricism allows for vocal hooks to be created and well, it succeeds at creating a pretty darn catchy tune.

The personal highlight comes in the form of Dedication, which sees Bull In The Whisky Shop deliver an intro that is full of guitars performing melodies and simple chords which just meanders into one giant sonic ocean of pure delicious shoegaze-y happiness. The rhythm allows the darker instrumental to have some groove to it and well, this is where I feel the slightly lo-fi production hits the sweet spot as it helps the overall atmosphere of the track. The vocals slip seamlessly into the instrumental and it’s just a superb song overall. The other three tracks took a little time to get into our good books but Dedication opened us up immediately. A great song.

Finally Demur closes out the EP by rounding up everything we have heard into a nice little passionate package to allow it to end on a high note. Bull In The Whisky Shop is a very good debut EP from a band who already have their sound down and clearly know how to use it to create some very entertaining material. It’s always great to see emerging bands come out of our lovely home of the UK, and it’s even better when the music they produce is very good too. Stream the EP below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and a showcase of the best new talents of 2015 so far check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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