La Bete Blooms – Stay Away | Track Review

WHEN: January 26th 2015
WHERE: Adult Teeth

We don’t throw enough love towards Adult Teeth. The plucky record label from Hull is one that constantly comes forward with artists and records that sound so out of the loop that they end up leaving us dizzy. We’ve worked with them every now and then throughout the last year or so and well, they really do leave us dizzy with excitement. Stay Away is the third and final single to come from their post-punk child La Bête Blooms, and it is running a stupid amount of circles around us.

Kicking things off immediately with an emphasis on intensity La Bete Blooms quickly builds Stay Away up into this big boisterous monster with drums that bash against the skull with each beat and a lead guitar riff that tears its way through the airwaves in the best way possible. This track is loud, intense, fuzzy, catchy, and a whole other load of adjectives that makes me like post-punk even more right now. It is a freaking awesome listen, and we absolutely love it. Kudos to you Adult Teeth, you sly dogs.

La Bete Blooms made quite a name for themselves last year having toured with the likes of Jaws, Pins and Night Flowers as well as embarking on their first ever UK tour, which we’re sure went down very well with their chaotic sound. Their first single TV Speak became Lauren Laverne’s pick for BBC 6Music’s Free Download Of The Day, and their other track Everyday’s The Same became playlisted on BBC Introducing. It’s awesome, and Stay Away is definitely going to keep that momentum going for the five-piece in 2015 too. The single is up for streaming right now, but will be officially released as a free download on January 26th. Check it out below, and more music reviews, free downloads and WE LIKE LA BETE BLOOMS, have a little look on Exploding Head Syndrome’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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