Heavy Hearts – Garden Arm | Track Review + Free Download

WHEN: Out Now
WHERE: Indoorshoes

One of the absolute worst things about being a human person is the complexity of trapped wind. Earlier today I was in terrible discomfort because I had eaten a hefty bowl of pasta. The amount of gas inside my body was ridiculous, all because of this pasta. Pasta’s meant to be good at building big manly muscles but here I was lying on my bed in agony and eventually farting the pain away. I have no idea how this was originally meant to segway into talking about Heavy Hearts but today we bring you another track review, this time of Canadian four piece band Heavy Hearts’ new single Garden Arm. If you were concerned, I am fine now.

These guys deliver a sound that comes with a case of grit and lyricism that’s laced with misery. Garden Arm’s disheartened atmosphere is the result of very solid riffs, melodies and vocals that really help direct things into depressed states. Heavy Hearts go hard in their riffage and passion by allowing the drums to execute some sweet solos and also letting the vocals reach the point of climax with one badass growl right towards the demise of the track. Everyone who has been in a rut at some point will immediately become attached to the sound these guys are performing, and Garden Arm somehow combats the traditional mould of catchy songs and becomes a truly infectious song that warrants repeated listening binges. It’s a very solid song, and as a first taste of Heavy Hearts, definitely meets its purpose by getting us all excited for their upcoming EP Somewhere, A While Ago. The EP will be released February 3rd via Indoorshoes. Stream and grab a free download of Garden Arm below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and extremely entertaining anecdotes about pasta indigestion check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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