Klozapin – Klozapin | Album Review

When: 05.01.2015
Where: Conquest Of Noize

Usually my bedroom projects end in a stained bedsheet and a sense of regret but for four lads in New York it results in the most musical ejaculation ever. Klozapin is the name of the band and Klozapin is the name of their debut album. These guys produce a kind of music that takes influences from genres ranging from pop, to punk, to psychedelic, to noise rock, to shoegaze, and it sounds great.

Klozapin is short but extremely memorable journeys into the unholy as the band take your hand and throw you under the train of music as each of the eleven tracks try their best to get you really, really into trains. Opening track Head skips introductions as it bashes and crashes its way through the airwaves alongside some swirly, twirly riffs that could battle the swirly, twirly gumdrops in Elf, and it just sounds insane. Hover Over and Perception succeed at adding little psychedelic tendencies to the mix, and Hivemind is just…wow. Nearly a year ago we were at Amsterdam and obviously we were high on the…culture but we were unable to find the right song to listen to as we took all of the…culture in but Hivemind is that song! It features such a superb riff that immediately takes the edge of things, yet Klozapin pack it with just the right amount of intensity to create something that could have been a jam from Cream or Pink Floyd or something. It’s definitely the highlight of the record for us, and certainly our early contender for track of the year right now.

It’s not even been two weeks into 2015 and already we’ve found two albums that we’ve absolutely fallen in love with. Maybe we’re a little bit easy to please, or maybe we’re just a little overly passionate and will probably kill you if you break up with us. But Klozapin’s debut album is something that is unbelievably charming; it’s a bit of a bad boy. It comes in and sweeps us of our feet with its numerous influences and extraordinary ability at making us swoon in a big, big way, and right now we’re prepared to open our legs to it. We love this record, and this record loves us back. Hugs and kisses. 2015’s going to be a great year for music. For more music reviews, free downloads and please don’t break our heart Klozapin, check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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