Shelter Point – Fossil | Track Review

When: Out Now
Where: Space + Time Records

Looks like we missed somebody off our Artists To Look Out For list last year. Shelter Point is the project of Robin Hearn and Liam Arnold and despite making baby steps it seems it’s shoe size is increasing every day. Their debut release caught the ears of huge radio peeps Zane Lowe, Annie Mac and Huw Stephens and since then their material has been played on said people’s shows. What a big fucking baby these guys are gonna become. Their latest track Fossil is seemingly the last taste of what’s to be expected on their highly anticipated Weird Dreamers EP, which will be out in February.

Shelter Point have been renowned for their talent in creating lush atmospheres formed from intricate sounds and strong melodies, while taking many elements from the likes of ambient music, pop, and EDM. Fossil is another example of the guys showcasing their craft, as the track is a wonderful escape into something that goes at its own pace, meandering nicely into every beat, every hook, every break. There’s hints of strings which weep into the background, percussion that dissolves as soon as it hits the wave, the vocals are soft and slip seamlessly into beautiful falsetto, and it’s all shifted and boosted occasionally by the element of EDM to add a little touch of anthemic class to it.

It’s a great song, and man we really wish we added them to our list. Nevermind. We cannot wait to hear more from Shelter Point via the Weird Dreamers EP, from all the hyped the two guys have gained already, let’s hope they deliver. Check out Fossil below, and look out for Shelter Point’s Weird Dreamers EP on February 2nd via Space + Time Records. For more music reviews, free downloads and goodness we’re writing a bit mature lately check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.  

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