Jon Dice – A Better Way | Album Review

WHEN: 01/01/2015
WHERE: Tree Machine Records

Happy New Year! Yes its 2015! I personally spent the closing end of 2014 vomiting, coughing or being the new record holder for phlegmiest man in the entire world. 2014 had its ups and definite downs but I think right now it’s time to take NEW YEAR, NEW ME seriously and say hey, let’s make this a good year. Today is all A Better Way, the new album from Jon Dice. This album was released on New Year’s Day via our good friends at Tree Machine Records, and after the terrible year 2014 became for all the good people in America, this is a record that looks to provide inspiration that maybe, just maybe something can be done about the recent crumbling of reputation and respect of the country’s police department.

Jon Dice is the project of Jeff Pupa which he started in 2008 and it’s one that revolves mainly around creating circles as big as his two little feet can make to fit as many genres and styles into it as possible. A Better Way is a record that excels and explores the sounds of dance, EDM, funk, indie to create something that just has to become the first addition to our Loved List 2015. Shameless plug already. Goodness me.

The beats don’t stick to one or two tracks; they pulsate throughout the entire album. A Better Way delivers ten times with ten tracks that not only offer another chance to appreciate and enjoy Jon Dice’s talent. He’s the most efficient postman (mailman) ever. Tracks such as Russia, Split Clip, CEO all offer up some special beats that haven’t been heard before, and then there’s also Bigwig, Dumbfk which could become the next big viral jam. The sound is so infectious and so good that it makes me wish it was the illness inside of me right now and not some silly little flu bug. It’s awesome.

If you find yourself a little bored with the music that gets played in clubs and mainstream channels that seem to rely heavily on one “sick beat” or a “dope drop” then Jon Dice is the artist for you. A Better Way is a brilliant record that offers some original touches to the oversaturated sound of synthesisers to create beats, hooks, breakdowns and goodness knows what other EDM lingo that immediately catches you off guard in the hips, ears, and maybe even the downstairs area. I just like to think that this freaking record kicks off 2015 in the best way possible, and easily sets the standard for what’s to come in the 364 days that followed it. We’re in for an exciting year methinks.

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