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It’s good to be back! Our List Week continues with our final set of recommendations for you: 10 Artists To Look Out For In 2015! Pretty self explanatory, this list will be highlighting ten artists we believe will be making an impact for the brand new year. Some of them have either been around a couple years and already have a couple albums under their belt but look to be hitting their stride, and the rest are bands that are just starting out who seem to have created a splash right away. How exciting. Let’s get on with the list!
CO-PILGRIM are now three albums into their career and it’s clear to see purely from their discography that they’ve improved with each release. This band have been on our radar for a couple years now and they didn’t necessarily impress on the full-length front they did keep our interest via a selection of great catchy singles. Plumes is a record that displays Co-Pilgrim’s contradicting sound of sweet, summery instrumentation mixed with sombre, misery-enhanced lyricism and combined with their matured approached and improved songwriting craft it all comes together to create something I actually want tattooed on my skin so I can remember it forever. Personally it took me on a journey that constantly tugged at the heartstrings while simultaneously making me smile. Tracks such as I Know Love, I Saw You Heavenly Girl and Dancin’ Hoods really envelope everything that makes Co-Pilgrim so wonderful as a listening experience, and I hope they manage to continue to build on that into 2015.
FOX AND THE LAW is a band who’s latest album Stoned To Death receives at least five plays a week. These guys from America have been around for a little while but this year they definitely made a great first impression with their album. Many people have been hailing Royal Blood for leading the way for rock music in the mainstream charts but Fox And The Law deserve a bit of praise too. Their sound unlike Royal Blood stays true to proper old school rock music, with beefy guitar riffs, intense drums, superb guitar solos and the biggest, most surprising vocals too. Here’s hoping they follow up Stoned To Death with some form of new material in the new year, but to be honest, the record will still be more than enough for us right on through to next December.
SONIC GRAFFITI are a three piece punk band from Florida, and we stuck their EP which came out in 2013 on our Best EPs Of 2014 List which is a bit naughty but if you did take a listen to it then you would understand why. Fortunately this trio produced a punk sound that didn’t even sound so 2013, and instead sounded intense, badass, and oh so good. It was honestly a surprise hearing this record because of how mindblowing it is, and so that’s why we made a little exception. We’re hoping the trio come forth next year with an equally fantastic sounding EP or album so that not only can we stick a current piece of material in our Best Of List next year but also because everybody needs to hear them ASAP.
FOREVER CULT are one of TWO artists we’ll be featuring on this list that come from the same musical home. Clue Records have definitely become our favourite record label to work alongside simply because they always deliver great music. The label’s first year has gone off to a tremendous start despite only having three artists signed to it. Forever Cult are certainly responsible to boosting and solidifying the label’s reputation whici we hope continues to grow in 2015. This band’s sound is a grunge-y kick in the face complete with heavy drumbeats, passionate vocals and guitar riffs that swish and sway right before uppercutting your balls off. Their last single Yasmin/OceanOceanOcean was a great sign of things to come, and I hope what comes is an album. This is a great time to give a shoutout to NARCS too.
PALE FIRES are from London so we’ve got to give them props. This year they released one of our favourite EPs of the year in Mammoth and because of how good it was, it makes sense to tell everybody to look out for them. This band’s psychedelic sound is one that focuses on creating atmospheres big enough for the listener to stretch out and just stare out into the abyss, and wonder what the heck we’re talking about. These guys are really talented and every single part of Mammoth left us frothing at the mouth, so we really hope they follow up with a release that has us all infected with full blown rabies.
THE ENDS are now hitting their stride it seems. Their Facebook page seems to indicate some teasing on their behalf which could mean anything from being signed to releasing an album to releasing a new EP to completing Pokemon Red in under 6 hours. I’ve personally known about these guys for years ever since I was in college and friends with a girl who went out with the drummer (my claim to fame) but regardless of the lame connection I have always enjoyed everything these guys have produced. I’ve seen them a couple times too and they are very, very good live so yeah. Hopefully all this teasing leads to a good payoff of them finally getting a chance to erupt beyond Canvey Island and Essex, and well, 2015 could be an exciting for them.

WTCHS are certainly going to rear their heads next year. 2014 saw the shadow dwellers of Canada release single after single which set up for their debut EP It’s Not A Cross, It’s A Curse! Which was a superb insight into a subsection of Canada’s rising music scene that excels in some pretty niche music. The music is hazy, the vocals are incomprehensible, yet WTCHS have become a forefront for the emergence of record labels in Out Of Sound and PERDU and numerous bands that follow similar paths. Despite the descriptions this subsection is gaining popularity, and the music is somehow fantastic in it’s own twisted way. Hopefully WTCHS and the entirety of this subsection continue to rise up in stature for 2015 and who knows what kind of music we can expect from it.
Oooooh top three! The Art Of Amputation were definitely going to be on this list simply because of the release of their last single Distorted Pop Song. It became our favourite track of the year and we became huge fans of the band because of it. We still cannot get over how anthemic and glorious the track is, and when it’s arriving in our inbox from a PR person (Hi Andrea!) who is dying with excitement to send it out you know it’s going to be something special. We really hope The Art Of Amputation return soon in the new year with a new single that sounds just as good as Distorted Pop Song and also drops a new album that becomes the single greatest album ever made in the history of music.
ALLUSONDRUGS absolutely needed a place on this list. As mentioned previously Clue Records only have three artists signed at the moment and because of Allusondrugs the reputation of it as an emerging indie label is much stronger than others. If you’ve watched Kerrang! In the last couple of months then you would have definitely heard their songs as the channel has really embraced them lately, even putting them top of their Artists To Look Out For list which is great news for everybody involved. Their Eponymous EP was our favourite EP of 2014 and it’s not hard to see why. Their heavy grunge sound brings forth so many nostalgic and modern qualities that just sounds so, so good to us and clearly it’s a formula that everybody seems to be enjoying, so hopefully 2015 sees them experience all kinds of new highs which might be triggered via the release of a debut album maybe??? Here’s hoping. Again, another shoutout to NARCS.
GIRL FRIEND are THE artist we want everybody to look out for in 2015! Usually in this business of throwing good/bad words at a blog post alongside a piece of music the level of excitement heading into the writing process is reliant on the email that contains the little link to the music. Personally we hate seeing emails that are a blatant copy/paste job or an obvious attempt to be as pretentious as possible. We like emails that feel a little personal, or send us loads of money. The email containing material from Girl Friend was anything but. The person simply said they had no idea who they were but this is their song and it’s good. It was a nice change of pace.
Fortunately the song was Stop and it absolutely blew our minds. The track is sexy, catchy, full of groove, rhythm, and certainly gives us at least a semi every single we hear it. It’s been played non stop ever since we received that email, and what’s even better is that Girl Friend’s NEW single Chemical Reaction is great too! Happy days.
Two great songs followed by a whole mysteriousness makes us want to kiss Girl Friend on the mouth many times. We cannot wait to see how the band take 2015 and whether or not we’ll hear an EP or an album from them. They are no doubt the band we’re most excited to see bring out something new, we’re genuinely quaking in our socks, and that’s because we don’t wear boots.
THAT’S THE LIST DONE. Those are ten artists we believe could or should take 2015 by storm should the stars align and none of them decide to quit like Towns did. Obviously there’s many, many other bands we could have listed and the few names we dropped amongst the paragraphs could have certainly been featured properly but yeah, we just feel like those ten all have potential to drop something huge next year.

List Week is over! We hope we have helped you check out some new music from artists who might not typically get into the spotlight as quickly as others but yeah. That’s us done for the year! We’ll be posting again tomorrow with a general round up of the year business wise and say thanks to all the people who sent us music this year, and then we’ll talk a little bit about how we would like to see Exploding Head Syndrome grow in 2015. So yeah, hope you’ve enjoyed List Week, have a very happy new year, kiss the person you wanna kiss the most on NYE, and make sure your new year is the best it can possibly be. Love you.
Exploding Head Syndrome (Adam)

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