List Week: Top 50 Tracks Of 2014 | 25 – 1 | Exploding Head Syndrome

Heyyyyy! We’re back as Exploding Head Syndrome after taking a lot of November and December off! Yes we know the breaks are just as bad as Elusive Little Comments’ but to remove all fourth wallness, I am just one guy. I speak in third person because not everything is about me and it’s all about spreading music as far and as wide as possible like the most sonically fulfilling STD possible. My real life job that pays me money unlike this site got super busy which meant that when I wasn’t working I was sleeping. Sleeping genuinely became a hobby of mine during that period I think. Anyway, it’s LIST WEEK! Our last week of content for 2014 where we list the best EPs, Tracks and Albums which we either reviewed or checked out over the last twelve months!
Wednesday means the second and closing half of our Top 50 Tracks Of 2014! Who made the top spot? Well if you’re interested then get reading you filthy animal! If you have somehow managed to miss yesterday’s post of the first half of this list then check it out here, check out all of the songs there and then come back here. Or just do what you want, we ain’t gonna tell you what to do. ENJOY.
  1. VILLIERS – THE DANCER | Dark, brooding track from Villiers is surprisingly danceable too.
    24.ST.VINCENT – DIGITAL WITNESS | I can’t do anything without having someone watch me.
    23.SAINT RAYMOND – EVERYTHING SHE WANTS | Emerging act lays down a great debut.
    22.VLMA – MAH TRUCK | Bluesy rhythm mixed with garage rock makes my boner hurt.
    21.LA ROUX – UPTIGHT DOWNTOWN | Superb return to music for La Roux.
    19.SONIC GRAFFITI – WHISKEY PUNCH NO LOVE SUCKA | Great song from great punk trio.
    18.KNUCKLE – HAND GRENADE FOR A HEART | Punchy blues rock track from great band.
    17.FOREVER CULT – YASMIN | Clue Records’ artist delivers their best song yet.
    16.CHROMEO – OVER YOUR SHOULDER | Very, very, very sexy song from Chromeo.
    15.RUFUS – SUNDREAM | Hearing this track at Reading 2014 confirmed it’s greatness.
    14.FILM – PING PONG WITH ANGELS | Excellent electronic/dance track from Greece.
    13.TIMBER TIMBRE – HOT DREAMS | Superb instrumentation mixed with dark lyricism.
    12.SWANS – OXYGEN | Swans continue their top form with a very foreboding, intense song.
    11.TALONS – THE DREAMS HAVE NO DREAM | Full scale atmospheric song sounds EPIC.
    10.PALE FIRES – PEACE OF MIND | Great, great piece of psychedelic rock from Pale Fires.
    09.TICKLE TORTURE – WOULD I LOVE YOU | This song sounds like Prince on a horny day.
    08.FOX AND THE LAW – EMILY | An ode to a girl made in the most badass, old school way.
    07.METRONOMY – LOVE LETTERS | Brilliant, brilliant hook and tempo deserves this spot.
    06.CO-PILGRIM – I SAW YOU HEAVENLY GIRL | Extremely sweet, beautiful song.
    05.ICEAGE – ABUNDANT LIVING | Quirky hook against intensity = masterpiece.
    04.LIARS – MESS ON A MISSION | Excellent sound change for Liars gives them a great single.
  1. SWANS – A LITTLE GOD IN MY HANDS | Swans hit the list for a second time with this song. Easily the catchiest Swans song in their entire discography with a guitar intro that borders on very, very funky before traditional ways turn it into an overwhelmed interruption of groove and converts it into another soul crushing experience.
  1. GIRL FRIEND – STOP | Girl Friend’s mysteriousness mixed with the sexy energy of this song creates an allure that has been stuck to us for months now. The deep, brooding vocals exploding into superb falsetto amongst synthesisers that offer countless amounts of sexy hooks and sounds that could anybody hot under the collar. An excellent first impression, and a very well deserved number two spot for Girl Friend.
  1. THE ART OF AMPUTATION – DISTORTED POP SONG | It had to be this. The Art Of Amputation deliver a track that doesn’t just sound good but also leaves the listener feeling inspired, and a little emotional at what they’ve just experienced. This is a classic tune, with big guitar riffs and hooks that slip in underneath the vocals seamlessly. In our review we called this the greatest song of all time, and today it remains our definite favourite.

So there we have it! The Art Of Amputation’s Distorted Pop Song is our Best Song Of 2014! There has been a ridiculous amount of good material thrown out this year so it was indeed very, very hard to not end up with all 50 at the top but something about that particular track blew us away on a whole other level. Thank you for looking through these lists and we’re now halfway through List Week! Check out Exploding Head Syndrome tomorrow where we will be listing our Top 30 Albums Of 2014! Ohhhh boy! For more lists and possible platforms for which you could send us your opinions on these lists check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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