List Week: Top 50 Tracks Of 2014 | 50 – 26 | Exploding Head Syndrome

Heyyyyy! We’re back as Exploding Head Syndrome after taking a lot of November and December off! Yes we know the breaks are just as bad as Elusive Little Comments’ but to remove all fourth wallness, I am just one guy. I speak in third person because not everything is about me and it’s all about spreading music as far and as wide as possible like the most sonically fulfilling STD possible. My real life job that pays me money unlike this site got super busy which meant that when I wasn’t working I was sleeping. Sleeping genuinely became a hobby of mine during that period I think. Anyway, it’s LIST WEEK! Our last week of content for 2014 where we list the best EPs, Tracks and Albums which we either reviewed or checked out over the last twelve months!
Tuesday means the start of our countdown towards the Best Track Of 2015! As we decided to list our top FIFTY tracks of the year the content would be rather large and overwhelming as one giant post, so today we’ll be posting the first half of it. From number 50 to number 26, we will be listing the tracks aswell as providing perhaps one or two lines about why we like the song. We hope you enjoy. Love you.
  1. LEON OF ATHENS – BABY ASTEROID | Necessary for those who like their music sweet.
    49.BILLY MOON – VIDEO GIRLS | A surf rock inspired diddy that’s raw as balls.
    48.SPOON – LET ME BE MINE | Undeniably catchy pop rock song brings out Spoon’s best.
    47.PYRAMID – THE PHOENIX | Superb dance track from this emerging artist.
    46.ALARM BELLS – HOLD DOWN | Danananananakroyd’s demise allows Alarm Bells to live.
    45.LADY FLINT – SCARE OFF CROWS | Great blues rock track from very nice frenchmen.
    44.TOWNS – TOO TIRED | Superb single from a band who’s demise I still mourn to this day.
    43.ASTRONOMIQUE – PRETEND WE’RE STARS | Astronimical single from Astronomique.
    42.STEP ROCKETS – KISSER | Definitely one of the catchiest singles of the year.
    41.BOYS – SUMMER OF LOVE | Brilliant lo-fi track combining summer with falling in love.
    40.INVASIONS – NO DARKNESS | This Western-inspired track could win any bar brawl.
    39.WTCHS – OVERKILMER | Another great addition to WTCHS entertaining-but-scary sound.
    38.BONFIRE JOHN – EVERYBODY | Superbly chill, entertaining, fantastic listen.
    37.PIXIES – GREENS AND BLUES | Simple but lovely track from Pixies harks back to heyday.
    36.THE FRUITFUL EARTH – FIREBIRD | Anthemic jam that could inspire anybody who hears.
    35.DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 – CHEAP TALK | Great return to form from DFA1979.
    34.GRACE JOYNER – HOLY | Brilliant disco/dance surprise amongst one superb EP.
    33.SHADOW FOLK – SEASON’S END | Great relaxed but full of sound track.
    32.FALLING STACKS – 17B | One of the best new acts prove why they should be listened to.
    31.IVORY HOURS – HELLO HONEY | So much happiness in one song, happy happy happy.
    30.ALLUSONDRUGS – CHERRY PIE | Great grunge song with superb riffs and hooks.
    29.THE COPPERTONE – YOUNG BLOOD | Ridiculous amounts of passion in this song.
    28.ROYAL BLOOD – LITTLE MONSTER | 1 of the best new acts delivers a brilliant rock song.
    27.REV REV REV – CATCHING A BUZZ | Tremendously distorted track gives me a boner.
    26.HOLLIE APRIL – TOGETHER ALONE | Another sweet track from this female singer.
So there we go guys! It’s a little difficult to sum up a song in one diddy line but hopefully we managed well enough. Each entry will be linked to their respective reviews which will also come with a embedded link to the song itself so you can listen and decide how you feel about it too. Any opinions or feelings on any of these songs can of course be made in the comment section below. Or if you fancy getting a little too close you can tell me all about on Facebook or Twitter. See you tomorrow for the rest of the List! Love you.

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