PREMIERE | Concord America – Put Your Money Down | Track Review

When: 24.11.2014
Where: Post-Echo
Oooooh. We’re premiering this badboy. How fancy. Concord America are a three piece band from down under and this is their new single Put Your Money Down. We checked out the band’s Suns Out Guns Out EP way back in June and very much enjoyed it’s mental use of loud guitars and jangliness to create something that short and insane, so we are very much honoured to be bringing this new song to your face today.
Put Your Money Down is a more mature sounding track from Concord America as the three piece tone down on the volume and distortion and focus more on delivering grooves that will resonate with the hips as well as the ears. The band throw all kinds of fast paced basslines, guitar riffs and intense drumbeats to sculpt something that retains all of the goodness from their past material and fuse it with their new direction to ultimately produce something that sounds well good.
We really really do love this track. Concord America have made some changes and it has paid off big time with Put Your Money Down. I’ll be putting my money down all of the band’s pockets, shut up and take my money. Stream the track below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and PREMIERES check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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