The Art Of Amputation – Distorted Pop Song | Track Review

When: 17.11.2014
Where: Ruby Music
Every now and then something comes along that will knock your socks off and today I find myself with cold feet. I’ve had this track in my library for months and have been dying to tell you all about it ever since I finished listening to it for the first time. Distorted Pop Song is the new single from The Art Of Amputation, an alternative-rock five piece from London. If you’re a fan of The Flaming Lips or have experienced their ability to turn everything into one big booming parade of drug-and-love aided happiness then this is the track for you.
Distorted Pop Song is a psychedelic take with beefy drum beats, hugely distorted guitar riffs and swooping synthesisers to create a sound that wouldn’t seem out of place at the tailend of a LSD trip. The Art Of Amputation keeps the momentum levels high as the drums perform this fast paced, disco-esque beat that constantly pushes the rest of the instrumentation to keep going. The vocals drive everything into a point of pure ecstasy as they hit the very infectious and very enjoyable chorus that wishes attention from a certain somebody. The parade comes to an end as the band shift the track’s closing half into one big fantastic sing along with simple backing harmonies which are bolstered by superb horns and the sense of freedom that only comes around once a year. This is the greatest song I’ve ever heard.
I’m not kidding.
Stream Distorted Pop Song below, and please revel in it’s loveliness to leave this page with a smile on your face. For more music reviews, free downloads and good lord it feels so good to share this secret with you check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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