Rev Rev Rev – Catching A Buzz | Track Review

Where: Win Win Records
Three weeks ago I distinctly remember serving a customer at [my real life job where I gain some income] and just not caring at all what they wanted to say to me. Sure they were moaning about something but all I could think about was that there was something I was sure I was going to write about. Anyway so three weeks later and here it is! Rev Rev Rev are a band from Italy (nice place) and this is their latest single Catching A Buzz. I have no idea why it took three weeks to write this but it’s here, and the track is loud enough for it’s impact to last until the rest of the year, let alone three measely weeks.
Rev Rev Rev produce a kind of psychedelic/shoegaze/grunge rock that makes me imagine a person who mostly replies in shrugs and protest, and Catching A Buzz definitely makes me want to protest that there should be more applause given to it. This track is tremendously distorted to the point where guitars and drums become incomprehensible and everything suddenly becomes sounds floating in the air. It hits hard and drives me crazy. I’m writing as if I’m stoned to death but infact I’ve just finished my second glass of water. I have definitely caught the buzz.
B-side Blue On Red continues the pattern with heavy distortion taking the brunt of the airwaves as Rev Rev Rev deliver more and more intense riffs coated with feedback which rest beneath the strangely calm vocals. The track then shifts in production quality halfway through as suddenly the guitars sound a little less distorted and more crunchy as the band perform this fantastic section that just sounds phenomenal. It’s a great surprise that doesn’t become predictable even after the billionth listen, and it tops off what has been a great single.
Stream both tracks below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and earplugs check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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