The Person & The People – What A Drag | Album Review

When: 26.10.14
Where: Land Ski Records
The Person & The People came out with Vitamin C late last month and it was a right corker. This short grunge-filled track flew into the airwaves with huge guitar riffs and all the influences in the world ranging from Teenage Fanclub to Weezer to create something that punched me in the face but in a way that made me want to get punched over and over again. Nowadays it’s been two weeks and Land Ski Records have now released The Person & The People’s new album What A Drag, and it is awesome.
Opening track I Get Weird is a superb burst of energy as the shortest track on the record throws down all kinds of brilliantly distorted riffs and feedback to create something that is going to punch me much harder but knowing that my head’s going to bounce back as the track heads into some heavy territory. It’s a superb way to kick off an album that promises to deliver more superbness.
The superbness comes in buckets as What A Drag continues to splurge all kinds of riffs that seem to trickle down the legs and produce tracks such as Don’t Fear The Richard and Give Me More which seem hellbent on maintaining the heavy flow that seems to burst through the output of catchiness. Everything comes to a shine on the track Human Blimp Sees Flying Saucer as it seems to condense everything good from the album into one track that stands above the rest in our personal highlight chest. The slow-paced tempo knitted within the guitar riff brings a rhythm that is bolstered by the drums and makes it easy to begin swaying anything that moves while the band begin to add psychedelic licks and extra instrumentation to fuse something that is nothing short of brilliant. It’s a great moment in the record that makes me realise that holy shit, these guys are awesome.
What A Drag is the most enjoyable drag I’ve ever been taken on. This record is a stepping stone in the wonderment of why I haven’t heard of The Person & The People until now, what follows next is usually some fangirling followed by a hurried ambition to acquire more of their material. Land Ski Records have themselves a superb talent and an album that will definitely feature on our Best of 2014 list for sure. This is an album that puts together excellent instrumentation with slacked lyricism and vocal delivery and it combines to form something that is so very, very easy to enjoy. I know I said it was like a punch to the face but honestly I want to kiss the hand that punches. I love this freaking record. So should you.
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