Fox And The Law – Stoned To Death | Album Review

When: 01.11.14
Where: Failure By Design
Oh my goodness have we been looking forward to this album. Fox And The Law are a quartet from Seattle and after releasing one hell of a single in Cheap Talk they have returned with their new album Stoned To Death which looks to be a right corker. The single’s use of anthemic guitar riffs and stadium filling vocals brings a revival of old school rock and roll that definitely can stay here for the rest of time.
Cheap Talk‘s palm muted intro kicks off Stoned To Death and easily sets up what to expect from the rest of it. Fox And The Law come prepared with some mindblowing riffs and guitar solos all performed at an energy that seems out of this world. Tracks such as Hot Water and Nod To The Devil throw all kinds of passionate momentum into the airwaves that I can feel it seducing me from within.
Our personal highlight comes in the form of the six minute long ode to a girl named Emily as Fox And The Law take all of their talents in crafting behemoth-levels of material and combine it with their creativity to create something that would make me drop my panties in a hot second. This track has power, volume, intensity and all of that is directed via the means of heavy riffs, solos and psychedelics breakdowns to cap off one strong first half. The closing half heads into a much catchier direction with the instrumentation pairing up with the vocals to add an extra groove to the track, before finally delivering one final guitar solo of epic proportions to round off what has been a superb track. Emily is one lucky girl.
Heatstroke also comes in with a nice change with the addition of vocal harmonies and female vocals taking up the airwaves just a tad and allowing the instruments to sit back a little bit. The Emily reprise is also another nice touch as we are gifted another exploration into a psychedelic direction, and Ripped Off comes along with one of the most accessible songs of the year.
Fox And The Law close off with Don’t Wanna See You Go which is sadly not a 20 minute finale that results in the collision of tetonic plates but instead throws in some final guitar riffs and huge drums to cap off what has been a seriously fantastic album. Stoned To Deathhits harder than a tombstone piledriver and is equally as entertaining as the people’s elbow. This album is superb from beginning to end, and it is easily one of the best albums of the year. For more music reviews, free downloads and emilyyyyy check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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