My Pleasure – Living With You | Track Review

Where: Adult Teeth
We’ve had experience with Adult Teeth before. I myself have at least 30 of them in my mouth at the moment, and I had an ex who was bad at blowjobs. Adult Teeth the record label is home to the more…eccentric of artists. With the likes of The Glass Delusion, who recently produced an album composed entirely of fourteen one minute songs, and MyOneManBand, who’s name is rather explanatory. If you ever wanted to delve into the deep web of music, then check out Adult Teeth’s Sampler compilation.
This time around is Living With You, the debut single from Hull’s My Pleasure who’s influences range from LCD Soundsystem, Ty Segall and The Fall to create something that is electronically groovy with a hint of heaviness to it. This track is a constant upbeat combination of percussion, basslines and guitar riffs to create something that is danceable as it is original. My Pleasure have packed this simple track full of hooks and for two and a half minutes, it just beats my sex record. Stream the track below, grab a free download of it and enjoy.
My Pleasure could be our favourite band to come from Adult Teeth thus far. If you enjoyed the sounds of Living With Youthen you might want to check out the even more straight forward I Wanna Die/I Don’t Wanna Die. The first being an explosive, garage rock/noise rock inspired number that definitely makes us see the Ty Segall influence, while the second brings us back to the more electronically-focused sound of My Pleasure. Check out the latest single here, and enjoy that too.
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