Royksopp – Sordid Affair | Track Review

Where: Dog Triumph
Like.Love: LIKE
On the 10thof November electronic duo Royksopp will be releasing their fifth and final album. Appropriately titled The Inevitable End, this final addition of Royksopp’s discography could be their biggest yet. Having created a huge hit in the form of Do It Againwhich featured fellow Swedish star Robyn it seems Royksopp are already on the radar and this farewell album will definitely be in the centre of it. Sordid Affair is the lead single from The Inevitable End and well, it’s sexy.
Sordid Affair is a slow paced affair (nice) with a simple drum beat that allows even the whitest of homeboys to slip into a seductive groove while synthesisers are used to create a dreamy atmosphere that brings a nostalgic touch that suits this laid back track perfectly. The vocals are equally hazy talking lyrics about finding the one and what’s it like to be in love and it’s just great. I could listen to this song over and over again and definitely end each listen with a half chub. I’m sorry.
This is a great track and I cannot wait to hear what else comes from The Inevitable End. It’ll be a shame to see Royksopp go, but they are definitely going to be leaving on a high note. Stream Sordid Affair below and for more music reviews, free downloads and a half chub means a semi here in England check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebookand Twitter.

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