Lifecycle – Lino Cosmos | Album Review

When: 27.10.14
Where: Supersymmetry
Okay, this is awesome. Lifecycle are a three piece band from London and this is their debut album Lino Cosmos. These three people produce a unique blend of electronica, breakbeats and psychedelica which creates a sound that is constantly moving, upbeat and simply superb, so I am very excited to bring this to your face today. If you’re into music that gets your hips shaking and your head banging, then this is the album for you baby.
Opening track Dissolve immediately introduces us to this unique sound with a rhythm that sounds like an ocean washing over the over instruments and floods the eardrums with a joyous sound and tells the body to get dancing. This track is upbeat, perfectly structured and quite possibly the best hello I’ve ever heard. It’s the hello that lets you know that you’re about to bond super hard, and that you’re about to become best friends. I am best friends with Lifecycle.
Patterns showcases Lifecycle’s ability to deliver rhythms amongst rhythms as they throw all kinds of percussive elements into this track while also adding the occaisonal extra beat to help bolster it with texture and a little more groove to it. The psychedelic traits shrine through too as the band allow the guitars to let loose just a tad before easing things out into a much more relaxed, beautiful road. The vocals as already heard are top notch and the harmonies just add to this idyllic atmosphere that Lifecycle have managed to produce in a mere three songs.
Lino Cosmos begins to progress towards the psychedelic side of Lifecycle as tracks like Burst Your Bubble and The Big Pictureshow. The Big Picture is a track that features one of the more recognisable guitar riffs on the record, and when it’s paired against the heavier drum beats and the more passionate vocals it really sounds like it’s about to kick your face off. Lifecycle does a great job at shifting their focus onto the other traits of their sound while keeping it relative with the tracks we heard previously.
Our personal highlight has to be Rush Into This. This track is the condensed version of everything that can be heard throughout Lino Cosmos, as it takes the listener on a journey through clouds of loveliness, over the hills of groove while being beaten down by thunderous blows of bass every now and then. This track is heavy, pretty, relaxed and overall, just very badass.
If you’re looking for something different then Lino Cosmos is the album for you. Lifecycle have done a great job at bringing their originality to the masses and have used it to create songs that are very enjoyable and bring a lot of directions and hooks and reasons why you should continue to listen to it every single day. I love this album, it’s amazing. For more music reviews, free downloads and a touch of fangirl check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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