Forever Cult – Yasmin/OceanOceanOcean | Track Review

When: 03.11.14
Where: Clue Records
Clue Records have been making quite a name for themselves in their short lifespan. Their two shining trophies are Forever Cult and Allusondrugs, and while Allusondrugs continue to build a ridiculous amount of hype and praise throughout the country with music videos debuting on Kerrang! Or making Top 20 lists about bands who are going to be the future Forever Cult are doing a good job backing up the reputation of Clue Records. The three-piece’s grunge-y sound had us enjoying their debut single Suntrapall that time ago, but now with a gleaming heart comes Yasmin/OceanOceanOcean. By the way, I saw these guys and Allusondrugs on the BBC Introducing stage at this year’s Reading Festival and they were both great. So good to see them live. Just thought I’d rub that in.
Yasminis a track that somehow manages to take all of the soppy traits that comes with yearning for somebody and make it sound ultimately alpha and badass by pairing it up with impactful drums, heavy riffs and hooks to create something that is hugely entertaining. The band allow the bass to lay down a thick groove alongside the thudding drum beat and it just blows my mind how good this is. OceanOceanOcean is a little more laid back affair with less heaviness and more jangly-ness to produce a very nice partner to Yasmin. The instrumentation is bright, sunny and chilled enough for the vocals to take centre stage and deliver a couple good lyrics and harmonies that also messes with my mind in the best possible way.
Forever Cult have produced their best single yet with Yasmin/OceanOceanOcean. Both of these tracks are brilliant examples of heaviness done catchy, and it’s 3am and already it’s managed to make my half-dead brain alarmed with goodness. Awesome. Stream both songs below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and hiiiii Clue Records check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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