Wolf Alice at Heaven – London 23.10.14 | Live Review

When: 23.10.2014
Where: Heaven – London
This is the first time writing a review for a live show. I don’t go and see as many as I would like to due to funds and/or laziness however the last time I went was Reading Festival and I was either too drunk/tired and euphoric to really remember everything about it. Though I do remember losing my favourite hoodie in a moshpit during Disclosure’s set on Sunday. RIP favourite hoodie. So last Thursday I got to see Wolf Alice at Heaven and it was awesome. I hadn’t heard too much of their material prior to going but they sounded really good and there were a lot of girls around me who were into the music just as much as I and it really did feel like Heaven.
The venue itself was pretty cool as it represented the kind of underground utopia that comes with discovering what lies within the nooks and crannies of London and really felt like the ideal place for some good music to be played. There were no angels, and despite it usually being a gay bar it’s 2014 so who cares. It was a really good venue.
Wolf Alice had two support acts in Dingus Kahn and Kins. Dingus Kahn were on first and they killed it. These guys are a six piece from Manningtree and they played a kind of heavy rock/punk music that almost justified their decisions to either dress in white or dress in dresses. Whether judging them from a sonic or visual point of view they were interesting, exciting and a looked just a little too good in those dresses. Their material was heavy while being catchy, and there was one particular song that featured a riff on the dreadlocked guy’s teeny tiny guitar which got everybody moving. A good sign of a great band is how much they sweat while playing live and from the frontman alone Dingus Kahn are the greatest band in the world. I loved their set.
Kinshowever remained dry throughout, and sadly fell flat with their set. They had a good look that suggested that we were going to hear something that was “cool” and calculated and entertaining what we receive was something that fell just short of the mark. It was frustrating by the end because all of their songs started off well with solid riffs but the band never quite ran with the ball, just started walking along at a pace that didn’t suit the live setting, especially after the high-energy we experienced from Dingus Kahn.
Finally Wolf Alice came on stage and it was quite a sight. Immediately everybody in the venue was captivated as the band they paid to see stood before them, and the place was packed. Despite the band having only been around for a short while the whole place was into their music, and they sounded tight, and entertaining as hell. Their music ranged from being intense, head banging tunes to laid back, chill numbers with a great sense of rhythm bridging the gap inbetween. There was one moment where I had an old man’s hair in my face which was rubbish but that meant I had to move slightly more towards the girl next to me. Awesome.
Overall it was a superb gig and Wolf Alice definitely made an impression on me. Their set was great and they played some new songs which promises a new album may be out very soon. The two support acts also sounded good though one were far better than the other, and I’m sure they gained a few extra fans from their performance too. It was a great night, and I can’t wait to see them again.
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