The Person & The People – Vitamin C | Track Review

Where: Land Ski Records
Vitamin C is the lead single from The Person & The People and it will be released on recently reproduced record label Land Ski Records. It’s always cool getting in touch with new labels, and forming new bridges that will stand the test of time as we bond over our mutual love for music. Anyway, The Person & The People will be releasing their new album What A Drag on October 26th, and from all impressions made from Vitamin C it should be rather good.
With influences ranging from Weezer to Teenage Fanclub, The Person & The People produce an explosive tune out of Vitamin C which utilises the power of palm muted guitars being free of their mutedness and the ability to perform pretty sweet riffs that fit neatly into equally nice hooks and it just sounds awesome. The pessemistic delivery of the lyrics also brings in a nice slacked tone to the track and the abrupt “I guess I fucked up” ending is a nice way to bring an end to it.
This track leads me to believe that Land Ski Records will get off to a good start with the release of What A Drag. Vitamin C is a great little number with some solid instrumentation that allows it to be played over and over without ever making you feel sick, like orange juice or something citrus-y. Stream the track below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and eat your oranges check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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