Springtime Carnivore – Sun Went Black | Track Review

When: 06.10.14
Where: Autumn Tone Records
Man it’s good to get back to writing. I could say it’s almost like not drinking water or breathing but I’m not a loser, but I have missed it a lot. Today’s track comes from new project Springtime Carnivore with debut single Sun Went Black. I too am a springtime carnivore, feasting away on the likes of bees and wasps, and making sure that any vegetation knows I’m better than it is.
Sun Went Black mixes fuzzy guitar riffs with drawn out, longing harmonies to create something that’s a little different. The track is upbeat and constantly moving with it’s scatty drum beat, but also allows moments of harmony and melody to shine through and add a little personality and emotion to the overall listening experience too. This first impression of Springtime Carnivore is a good one for sure, and I cannot wait to hear more from her.
Stream the track below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and ooo oooo ooo ooohhh check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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