ET Anderson – It Don’t Even | Track Review

Where: Hearts & Plugs
Like.Love: LIKE
Now this is a trip. ET Anderson is the newest recruit for one of my favourite record labels Hearts & Plugs (brownie points) and It Don’t Even is the first single to come from their debut EP Et tu, ___? I am not going to be writing that title out too much in this review. This guy produces a sound that mixes psychedelic rock with garage rock to create something that should get fans of Pavement, Pixies and Spoon a little hot and bothered down below.
It Don’t Even is a track that excels at delivering three kinds of loveliness.The first is the simple rhythm section which lays down a groove that is surprisingly danceable, and allows the second quality of the strange melodies that sound right of Swans territory and the third is the short but very enjoyable burst of ferocious guitars which gives the song an extra edge and one final push into being a really good listen.
The first taste of ET Anderson is a strange but very intriguing one, like eating anchovies for the first time or something. It’s a little salty but you know you’re gonna want it in your mouth many, many times afterwards. It’s catchy, interesting and I can’t wait to see if they use their silky basslines in further material. Stream it below, and look out for Et tu, ____? 18thNovember via Hearts & Plugs. For more music reviews, free downloads and I need to stop consuming so much sugar check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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